Mark Holland Music

Media-rich website to promote one of London’s finest singer/songwriters.

The Client

Mark is a singer/songwriter based in London. Having started taking keyboard lessons at the age of 7, he continued to get into music through school, and purchased his first guitar at 13. He studied music at the Academy of Contemporary Music, where he was exposed to wider musical influences, and inspiring his decision to pursue a songwriting and performance career. Since then, he has written, recorded and performed his own material across a wide range of venues in London.

The Brief

As soon as Mark began playing regular shows, he realised that he would need a resource to help keep his new followers up to date with new music, gig dates and news. He asked us to develop a site that would showcase his work, allowing visitors to his site to be won over, and to reinforce the message given to the audiences that he played to.

The site was to embed both video and audio media, as well as allowing visitors to subscribe to a mailing list and leave messages on the site’s guestbook.

A key requirement was for the site to be easily updated by Mark and his band; ensuring that it always seemed fresh and exciting.

Our Approach

We opted to use a strong visual theme throughout the site, with a dark colour scheme providing an understated backdrop for the music.

Using our preferred content management system, Drupal, we built the site from ground up, embedding useful functionality such as a past and future gig listings system, audio players and image galleries. Facilities are also in place to allow visitors to share website content easily with their favourite social networks.

We provided Mark with full instructions on how to maintain and update the site upon completion.

The Results

Mark’s site has grown with his audience and music. The flexibility of the system adopted allows him to add new music and other content as it becomes available, providing his fans with a central location to obtain up-to-date information about his act.

Following the success of his first website, Mark commissioned us to create a second version of his website in order to keep up to date with his image and brand. The new website features all of the functionality that made the first one a success, as well as several new features such as Soundcloud integration, and an easy way for fans to register their attendance at gigs.

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