Customer Relationship

Once you understand the value of your clients, you are one step closer to unlocking their potential to make your project a success.

Your clients are your most valuable resource, but also your most dangerous. They have the power to be your most effective marketing tool, but can also hurt you.

Learning to manage your clients sensitively will allow you to harness them effectively to further your own goals.

We think about how best to approach clients, whether it be through website feedback tools, social media, or direct contact. Once you know how you plan to reach out to them, you need to know what sort of information you hope to receive from them, or whether it is simply a case of offering the opportunity to speak to you quickly and directly when they themselves have a query or concern.

New media tools such as Twitter can be extremely useful for gauging in real-time customer feelings for your project, as well as being a good way to reach potential new clients.

If you have a project that you might need some help with, whether big or small, we'd love to hear about it.