Golden Arrow Shippers

Website design and promotion for leading pet shipping company.

The Client

Golden Arrow Shippers (GAS) is a specialist pet shipping company, facilitating the movement of family pets from one country to another. Before coming to us, the company had never had any form of web presence; instead relying solely on word of mouth referrals and telephone enquiries.

The Brief

We were intially asked to develop a simple site for the company, effectively acting as a business card; giving contact information for anyone that visited the company domain name.

After a short while, it became apparent to the client that they could benefit further from their web presence, and asked us to develop a larger site for them, to house basic information and answer their clients’ most common questions.

In addition to the design and development of this website, GAS also requested help with setting up a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaign through Google Adwords.

Our Approach

The design of the site is very simple, by request. Contact information is made available on every page of the site in order to encourage client contact. The site’s colour scheme matches the company’s traditional green colouring.

Imagery and mapping has been embedded within the site to provide visual stimulation. Having developed the site in an easy-to-use CMS, the website’s content can be readily updated by the company’s staff as and when changes are required.

The accompanying PPC campaign has been designed to supplement the site’s embedded SEO techniques, in order to ensure maximum exposure for the company when potential clients search for relevant phrases. We explored a wide range of keyword combinations and ad campaign wording in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

The Results

Since the creation of the Golden Arrow Shippers website, enquiries to the company have increased significantly. Contact details are now much easier to find when searching by name, which was the principal objective from the start.

The Google Adwords campaign has allowed the company to compete directly with rival firms, further increasing their level of exposure and client base.

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