Development of web startup focussed on socially-driven bargain hunting.


Back in 2010, we came up with some ideas around the emerging group-buying scene. These ideas were gradually distilled into a website whereby users could post good internet shopping deals as and when they came across them on their voyages across the internet. Deals could then be shared with friends, and the site would grow organically.

Our Approach

We developed a full startup concept for the site, based on our discussions, and current provision of related sites elsewhere on the web. Revenue was to be generated through affiliate links with some of the internet’s largest retailers.

We set about the design of the website and related graphics, including its logo. The site was constructed in the Drupal content management system, which would allow for scalability and growth of product categories etc. It would also allow for close integration with Facebook, so that users could login to the site with their existing profile information, allowing more effortless contributions to the site.

Progress to Date

The website, although fully constructed, is now dormant while we rethink our strategy. A related site has developed similar functionality to that originally proposed for BargainScoop. Rather than compete directly, we hope to diversify; finding a new way to use the established brand to provide a positive contribution elsewhere on the web.

If you have a project that you might need some help with, whether big or small, we'd love to hear about it.