AR Urbanism

Rebranding and development of an online presence for London-based urban design studio.

The Client

AR Urbanism is one of the UK’s leading urban design and masterplanning practices. After a recent staff expansion, the time had come for a refresh of the brand image in order to reflect the company’s new capabilities and direction.

The Brief

We were tasked with creating a new identity for the company, building upon its history and the aspirations of its design team. Within this brief, we were asked to design a new suite of business cards and document templates for the studio, complete with a new logo.

Our main task was the design and development of a bespoke website for the company, embedding SEO techniques in order to ensure the site’s prominance.

Beyond the website itself, we were also asked to create a social media profile for the company on business networking website LinkedIn.

Our Approach

Being a design practice itself, the client had a relatively strong vision of what it wanted the refresh to feel like. The historical colour scheme was to be retained, although the form of the website could be altered as we saw fit.

Built using Drupal, we focussed on bringing the company’s portfolio of past projects to the forefront, The design uses a strong grid system, although bends it to a degree in order to create a sense of dynamism.

The Results

Having embedded statistics monitoring software on the website, the company is now able to gain a better understanding of who visits their site, and where these visitors are coming from. As a result, marketing strategies have been able to be tailored to reflect this information, allowing for more cost efficient marketing efforts.

The LinkedIn profile developed by BrightPie now allows the company to connect directly with potential clients, and enables them to gain an understanding of the comapny’s full range of services before connecting with them directly. Clients may also follow the company’s news updates through LinkedIn or the website’s RSS feeds, ensuring that they remain at the front of any potential client’s mind.

BrightPie continues to manage ARU’s website, ensuring that it remains up to date with content and news, and continuing to ensure its prominence in search engine results.

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