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We are a boutique London-based agency, specialising in design and consultancy services for web startups.
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What People Think

"BrightPie understood exactly what was important for a website such as mine: informative, simple, professional-looking and search-friendly. In a short time they achieved all of these aspects and were able to implement or change anything that I asked without any problem or delay. I now receive more than enough business through the internet alone and I do not even need to advertise through any other channels."

Mark Holland

"On contacting Brightpie I was relieved and very pleased to find that they were instantly able to understand my project from a creative perspective and they offered many suggestions for the design and features of the website. After tweaking and playing with several ideas I was extremely pleased with the final result because I had ended up with exactly what I wanted. I was also shown how to modify and add new content to the website which I have found very useful for keeping it updated and interesting to my fans."

Mark Holland