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What People Think

"Myself and the High Street 2012 partners worked really well with BrightPie in developing our much-needed website. They were always friendly, efficient and quick to respond to changes. They were easily able to understand the multi-layered nature of the funding partnership, helping to ensure all partners were satisfied with the outputs. We are very pleased with the final result, which is easy to update, and it helps us keep in touch with the public about the project as each different part of it progresses."

Ben, High Street 2012 Partners

"BrightPie understood exactly what was important for a website such as mine: informative, simple, professional-looking and search-friendly. In a short time they achieved all of these aspects and were able to implement or change anything that I asked without any problem or delay. I now receive more than enough business through the internet alone and I do not even need to advertise through any other channels."

Mark Holland